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1638 S. Hampton Rd., Glenn Heights,TX 75154

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562 W. Lawson Rd., Dallas, TX 75253


► Our month-to-month Agreement can be as short as one month, or as long as you need. We have several customers who have stored with us for 10+ years!

► Buying a new lock from us, or providing your own, ensures that you, and only you, have access.

► Tenants are responsible for their own insurance. We offer a 3rd party policy from TenantOne Direct for your convenience.

You may store:

  • Seasonal items; decorations
  • Household and commercial goods
  • Electronics
  • Appliances

You may NOT store:

  • Hazardous materials; chemicals; solvents; paint
  • Food; perishable items
  • Live plants and animals
  • Unregistered vehicles

► Payment is due on your monthly anniversary date and late after midnight of the 5th day.

► Check, money order, credit card (over the phone or in person) or online bill pay